BY Carrie

Highlighting the benefits of nature on mental wellness


Healing the body and mind through nature. As an avid explorer, I love discovering new places, whether domestic or international. Nature is my place of solace. I am always in awe of the beauty of nature, you can always find me hiking, walking in the park, or doing something nature-related


I love traveling, and it is through traveling that I discover my love for nature and the healing benefits of mindfulness.

I  am Carrie, I love travelling and performing activities that sooths and enrich my mind. I have a solid background in the mental health field.  I intend to  mental health issues from a raw and unconventional point of view. If it has to do with mental health I want to discuss it, not the cliché’ stance that society have on mental health but the unseen, uncut ways of addressing our lifestyle influences our mental growth.. Looking at ourselves holistically and not quick to pathologize our problems as it relates to our mental wellbeing.