Emotional Wellness: Unwanted Weight.

How often do you hear the phrase, lose weight, and feel great?

 What exactly does that mean to you?

This phrase is symbolic of the unspoken contentment of letting go of body weight, the flesh. We find contentment believing that losing weight alone will make us feel wholesome. For me, it is a provisional sense of satisfaction that will fade. For me, it is less of looking like what society expects me to resemble and more of finding peace of mind, having control over my thought, and blocking toxicity from my mind.

I am not a big girl, but I am not skinny either. Indeed, I would like to fit in my old medium size dresses without having to stuff myself inside and hold my breath when someone approaches me frontwards.

Let us get into it; over a year ago, I realize that losing weight for me means less fitting into a size medium dress and more on the spectrum of mental wellness. Do not get me wrong; I want to be free of limitations, sporting my wardrobe. But I feel like it is uncompromising to be both physically and mentally whole.

Hiking on the Palisade, NJ

 Taking away the dead weight from my mind, the people that exploit you, the expectations that I place on myself, the critic I become when I make mistakes, and the expectations that society inherently places on us. You see, it is not until I try to lose that weight that I have started on a journey of true greatness. Please understand that taking care of your mental health is equally or if not more important than taking care of your physical health.

 While we may see the effects of the extra cookies, the wines, and the ice cream around our waist, we don’t often see the results of stress, self-torture, and the constant comparison of ourselves to the success of others.  

Taking a hike on the Delaware water gap…Escape reality into nature.

Surely losing weight can be right for you, as is watching what you eat, but that’s not what I’m saying here. I am saying that being skinny didn’t make me happy. Of course, I am not implying that I’m content being on the bigger side of life, but I am focused less on the aesthetic and physical physique and more on my overall wellness. Let us not abandon our mental health, do not be fooled into thinking that I will be great when I’m skinny when I lose weight this year. Let us be great now by practicing mindfulness, giving ourselves credit, and stop overthinking.

It is not until it is too late where the damage has already been done we realize the magnitude of weight on our minds. Eventually, we have started having mental breakdowns, self-hating, or we go into a social recluse. Perhaps for many, it’s too late, and if you are reading this, it is not too late to assess the weight you carry on your mind. Let go of the expectations that stranger have for you, forgive and be kind to yourself, and most importantly, take care of your emotional well-being.

Published by Carrie

I am Carrie; I love traveling and performing activities that soothe and enrich my mind. I have a solid background in the mental health field. I attend to mental health issues from a raw and unconventional point of view. If it has to do with mental health, I want to discuss it, not the cliché' stance that society has on mental health but the unseen, uncut ways of addressing how our lifestyle influences/affects our mental growth. I love the approach of assessing someone holistically/from the biopsychosocial approach rather than pathologizing simple differences, as this approach creates a positive impact on our wellbeing. My goal is also to highlight that exposure to nature makes you feel better emotionally and contributes to your physical wellbeing.

4 thoughts on “Emotional Wellness: Unwanted Weight.

  1. Indeed mental health is something worth talking about. This is because there are many individuals who are currently having mental challenges, but are unaware. Let us help each other to deal with issues affecting us on a daily basis. Thanks much Crystal.

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