February Fourteen

It’s Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday that may celebrate today. Whether you’re celebrating a loved one or celebrating being love. Do not feel down on yourself if you’re not celebrating. We have been convinced that February 14 is a day to create memories, purchase gifts for the ones we love, and accept gifts in return. Like during the holidays it is important to prioritize our mental health on February 14 where many people may fall into a state of depression from not being in a relationship or the inability to find love. Like the holiday season February 14, often is accompanied by stress and depression, feeling that you need to prove to someone that you love them or show others that someone loves you. If you are isolated or feeling stress on February 14, reach out to a friend or a family member for companionship and support.

2 responses to “February Fourteen”

  1. Oh yes!!! Indeed!!! Let us use this day as a day of sharing and caring. Let’s not see it as lovers day, but as a day to reach out to friends and family members. Remind them that you love them and always will. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate your posts.

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