Mental Health Matters

Mental health matters every day.

Let us normalize seeing a therapist. Normalize the feeling of being lonely anxious and depressed. Why wait for one calendar month out of 365 days of the year to raise awareness for those living with mental or behavioral health issues. Reduce the mark of disgrace associated with behavioral health issues and seeking help to address those issues.

Make it intolerable for people to stigmatize those living or recovering from a mental illness. Let us not wait until May to spread the awareness or until someone close to us has reached their demise.
Imagine this…when we are sick the first instinct is to see the doctor, if we break a leg or if there is a rash on our body we go to see a physician, and to everyone that is acceptable. Make it acceptable for people to see a therapist or psychiatrist when they’re feeling sad, depressed anxious, and unable to manage their mental state. If you visit an internist it means you’re taking care of your health…yes being proactive, preventative measure they say. On the other hand, if you visit a psychiatrist you’re crazy, something is seriously wrong with you. Physical illness can be linked to mental illness and a psychiatrist can be the one to determine the severity of a mental condition and the impact that it may have on one of your organs…the brain. Over the years we have made substantial changes in the way we view mental health. The conversation about mental health has changed and people are talking and recognizing the symptoms but we still have a long way to go.

2 responses to “Mental Health Matters”

  1. It is very true that people conclude that we are mad because we want to visit a psychiatrist. It is very sad that we discriminate against the very same thing that most of us are struggling with. If only we could accept that is is a fixable problem, what better lives we would all live. This is indeed the place for us to raise awareness. Let us help each other


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