Since we are in the official season of summer, I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the warmer weather and longer days. Yes, longer days where I can do chores in the morning, meet up with friends for brunch at noon, then head up to Lake Sebago to launch my boat and be back home in time for karaoke while it’s still light out. Isn’t summer amazing? It makes you almost forget about the dismal darkness of winter. I am excited about great summer fun hiking in the Finger Lakes and picnicking on any lake that Orange County, New York, offers. I am not fond of exploring the Ocean, so I’ll skip the salt and sand to explore the Poconos mountain instead. I have wanted to go to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and I think I might have to get up and go as I have been planning for years, and it still hasn’t happened. I’m sure many of you, like me, appreciate all of what summer has to offer.

Though summer is my third favorite season right after spring and fall ( for the colors and the smell of spices). I love the long days to provide me with more opportunities to explore. This past weekend was about family. It’s a gift to be able to hang out with your loved ones. Even though  I don’t celebrate Hallmark holidays, this past father’s day weekend I father’s day weekend, I was fortunate to spend time with my younger sister drinking beer and singing karaoke.

Fortunately for me, my moods have significantly improved over the summer over the summer; I feel a lot more adventurous, accomplished, and energetic during the summer season. During the summertime, I wear my brightest color dresses and explore all that nature has to offers. With that said, sheers to SUMMER!

2 responses to “Summertime”

  1. Indeed!!! Yes!!! Summer is really a time for fun and adventure. I’m happy you have plans for this time and plan to have a wail of a time. Life is short so the time cherished with family is indeed a blessings. I trust that your moods will continue to improve as you keep doing the things you like. Raise your glass🍷 with me as we toast. To summer!!!


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