The Ultimate Road Trip

……in my blue rental car.

There was nothing blue about spending two weeks exploring these four beautiful states at my own pace. I knew I wanted to Visit Mohab in Utah, Grand Canyon, Colorado for the mountains and Albuquerque to see my friend.

These were the highlights of my solo road trip to Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. 

I was amazed by the diversity of the landscape and the fantastic people.  I did not use a map; I just went wherever this Blue Toyota Camry and my national park pass took me. 

For most of my trip, it’s pretty challenging to describe the dramatic landscape. It was easier to visualize the conspicuous natural sculptures and the stunning views. This was the ultimate break I needed. All the chaos around me has consumed a prodigious amount of energy; hence I needed to recharge.  Cruizing on route 70, I saw some of the most spectacular mountain scenery I had ever seen in the United States. The roads, the history, the people, and the parks exceeded anything I imagined them to be.

Feeling frightened in Shonto on HWY 160 in AZ by the lack of life in the town, sleeping at a rest stop in Avon, Colorado was new yet a welcoming feeling. I would do it again. The experience was a surreal mix of apprehension and zeal. The restroom was spotlessly clean ( my first time at a rest stop, I might add), and my car seat was mounted with food. What could go wrong that night? Yes, everything went wrong. I ran out of gas; I was unaccustomed to pumping my gas since I never have to do that in New Jersey, sometimes I didn’t want to get out of the car in certain areas, but thanks to the drivers at the truck, stop, that gas issue was resolved. See a pattern here? Well, I do I am always the one assisting and on this road trip, I enjoyed being help not once but twice when I needed it the most.

Traveling on Route 40, the main street of America, I went from the person who would only tolerate under two hours of driving to the delight of driving over five hours daily. Traveling from Mohab, Utah, to Paige, Arizona,  was electrifying; I was eager to go further before I stop due to my fulfillment in the spectacular views on the never-ending route forcing through Kayenta, Arizona, on route 160. I was my cameraman, therapist, mechanic, and tour guide. From Laughing at the comedy club in Denver to Crying in the middle of the Indian reservation as I thought I would run out of gas yet again in that dark with fogs thick as cotton. I silently whisper a prayer.

My journey halted for a day at my friend’s home in Albuquerque. I had the opportunity to relax and recharge like old times. Heading back to Denver the next day, I was accompanied by a snowstorm. The day went by fast, and it was time to head back to Denver for my flight home. Eventually, the blue car was stuck in the snow in Pueblo, and I was eagerly assisted by a few good samaritans. What a relief it was when the car finally accelerated, and I was back on my journey.  I felt that I was so close to Denver yet so far driving 20 miles per hour.

When I returned home, my perspective and priorities have shifted. It’s amazing what a long solo trip can do for someone’s life. I learn to let go, accept and cripple most of my fears. Well, that is where I solidify my decision to relocate to another state. A decision I have made two years ago but was too afraid to actionize. That discussion is for another story. The exigent demand of life and all other issues around me took a toll on me.

4 responses to “The Ultimate Road Trip”

  1. Wow!!! This is excellent!!! Omg!!! I did enjoy the journey you took through your eyes. It is always good to get away.


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