For the past month, I had felt the most gracious I have ever been in my entire adult life, That is except for when I turned 18 and thought I was grown, and I was a woman now. I have been recovering from an operation, and in that time, I was in the best mental health I have ever been in months. This post is about my appreciation for the phrase stop and smells the roses. I stopped, and I appreciate the people in my life, the good wishes, and my small circle of family that nurses me back to physical health. This is my first time off from work, and I am not on some unknown adventure. Instead, my injury allows me to take time to relax, be mindful in everything that I do. My spiritual health grew, and my connection with myself. I leave to embrace the new transition, letting go of self-pity, and see every new chapter as an opportunity for a fresh start to build, and for that am grateful.

One response to “Grateful”

  1. Awwwweeee, so sweet. It is indeed good to stop and smell the roses. Regardless of what happens in our lives, family will always be most important. The people we have no matter what. I’m happy you are recovering nicely and have support as you go by. Keep improving in all aspects of your life. Blessings.


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