Borderline Chronicles: Recurrent suicidal gestures, threats, or self-mutilating behavior

Part 6 Trigger Warning: While this post does not contain detail of actual suicidal acts, it does contain information about personal accounts of suicidal ideation that may precipitate flashback reactions…Enjoy! Self-mutilating behavior, recurrent suicidal behaviors are common traits in BPD. Even though the intent of self-mutilating behaviors and suicidal threats usually does not carry aContinue reading “Borderline Chronicles: Recurrent suicidal gestures, threats, or self-mutilating behavior”

Deep Breathing: Natural Release

Does it work? As I sat scrolling through Facebook, I glimpsed a post from a friend denouncing deep breathing. She stated that it doesn’t work. Usually, I would have given it no thought as comments on social media do not easily trigger me. Then I remember one of my teenage mentees explaining that deep breathingContinue reading “Deep Breathing: Natural Release”

Borderline Chronicles Double Divided: Inappropriate Intense Anger

Part 5 Like having mood swings, we all get angry at one point or another; after all, anger is an emotion. According to Paul Ekman’s research, anger is one of the six basic emotions. For a person living with borderline personality disorder, they feel an intense feeling of anger. The outlet to their anger can be an intense emotionalContinue reading “Borderline Chronicles Double Divided: Inappropriate Intense Anger”

Borderline Chronicles: Double Divided: Mood Swings

Part Four I know it has been a while since I contributed to the continuance of my blog on borderline personality disorder. I aimed to use real-life experiences to make the blog personable and relatable; yes, I could have made up something, but what’s the learning experience in doing so. I waited until I couldContinue reading “Borderline Chronicles: Double Divided: Mood Swings”

Borderline Chronicles Double Divided: Unstable Relationship

Part 3. It isn’t easy to maintain a balanced relationship if you suffer from BPD. A person with borderline personality presents with an intense fear of abandonment. As I mentioned in my last trait, “efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment,” a person with BPD may self-sabotage, walking away from relationships or friendships before theContinue reading “Borderline Chronicles Double Divided: Unstable Relationship”

Double Divided: Identity Disturbance

Part 2. BPD Chronicles This is the second post describing the account of the real-life experience on the second trait/diagnostic criteria of BPD.   Identity disturbance: characterized by significant persistently unstable self-image or sense of self. Generally, a person with BPD sometimes asks the question who am I. There is a chronic inside battle ofContinue reading “Double Divided: Identity Disturbance”