BPD Chronicles Double Divided

Unstable Relationship. Part 3. It isn’t easy to maintain a balanced relationship if you suffer from BPD. A person with borderline personality presents with an intense fear of abandonment. As I mentioned in my last trait, “efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment,” a person with BPD may self-sabotage, walking away from relationships or friendshipsContinue reading “BPD Chronicles Double Divided”

Part 2. Divided

BPD Chronicles This is the second post describing the account of the real-life experience on the second trait/diagnostic criteria of BPD.   Identity disturbance: characterized by significant persistently unstable self-image or sense of self. Generally, a person with BPD sometimes asks the question who am I. There is a chronic inside battle of self-identity thatContinue reading “Part 2. Divided”

February Fourteen

It’s Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday that may celebrate today. Whether you’re celebrating a loved one or celebrating being love. Do not feel down on yourself if you’re not celebrating. We have been convinced that February 14 is a day to create memories, purchase gifts for the ones we love, and acceptContinue reading “February Fourteen”

The Symbolism of Color

“Black and ugly.” “Light and pretty.” As a black woman, I am interested in addressing colorism in the black community primarily out of my personal experience and professional interest. I often hear the dark and light skinned narrative, the biased based on the phenotypical appearance in black communities. I notice how these narrative has shapedContinue reading “The Symbolism of Color”

Becoming a licensed clinical social worker in NJ

Earning your LCSW can be a lengthy and daunted process; however, it is enriching. Today I will give you a brief overview of some of the steps that I took to apply for the LCSW process during COVID- 19 in the state of NJ. Some of the information applies to other states; however, jurisdiction doesContinue reading “Becoming a licensed clinical social worker in NJ”

Emotional Wellness: Rid your mind of the unwanted weight.

How often do you hear the phrase, lose weight, and feel great?  What exactly does that mean to you? I think this is symbolic of the unspoken contentment of letting go of body weight, the flesh. We find contentment believing that losing weight alone will make us feel wholesome. For me, it is a provisionalContinue reading “Emotional Wellness: Rid your mind of the unwanted weight.”