I am Carrie; I love traveling and performing activities that soothe and enrich my mind. I have a solid background in the mental health field. I intend to mental health issues from a raw and unconventional point of view. If it has to do with mental health, I want to discuss it, not the cliché’ stance that society has on mental health but the unseen, uncut ways of addressing our lifestyle influences our mental growth. Looking at ourselves holistically and are not quick to pathologize our problems related to our mental wellbeing.

The moment of mental clarity

I went to Mexico and quit my job. Allow me to explain; after reluctantly deciding to relinquish my position at the hospital and start a new career. We are about to find out what career that is, hopefully soon. I wanted to bid farewell to my career to pursue a less chaotic and calmer work […]

Impact-The quest to find true meaning.

Over the past few months, I have been searching for a meaningful existence. Working, enjoying the company of family and friends, and fulfilling my role as a volunteer court-appointed specialist was no longer fulfilling for me. I yearn for more. To be more present in what I do, create a more meaningful impact on others, […]


For the past month, I had felt the most gracious I have ever been in my entire adult life, That is except for when I turned 18 and thought I was grown, and I was a woman now. I have been recovering from an operation, and in that time, I was in the best mental […]

Borderline Chronicles: Recurrent suicidal gestures, threats, or self-mutilating behavior

Part 6 Trigger Warning: While this post does not contain detail of actual suicidal acts, it does contain information about personal accounts of suicidal ideation that may precipitate flashback reactions…Enjoy! Self-mutilating behavior, recurrent suicidal behaviors are common traits in BPD. Even though the intent of self-mutilating behaviors and suicidal threats usually does not carry a […]

Deep Breathing: Natural Release

Does it work? As I sat scrolling through Facebook, I glimpsed a post from a friend denouncing deep breathing. She stated that it doesn’t work. Usually, I would have given it no thought as comments on social media do not easily trigger me. Then I remember one of my teenage mentees explaining that deep breathing […]

Borderline Chronicles Double Divided: Inappropriate Intense Anger

Part 5 Like having mood swings, we all get angry at one point or another; after all, anger is an emotion. According to Paul Ekman’s research, anger is one of the six basic emotions. For a person living with borderline personality disorder, they feel an intense feeling of anger. The outlet to their anger can be an intense emotional […]

Borderline Chronicles: Double Divided: Mood Swings

Part Four I know it has been a while since I contributed to the continuance of my blog on borderline personality disorder. I aimed to use real-life experiences to make the blog personable and relatable; yes, I could have made up something, but what’s the learning experience in doing so. I waited until I could […]

The Ultimate Road Trip

……in my blue rental car. There was nothing blue about spending two weeks exploring these four beautiful states at my own pace. I knew I wanted to Visit Mohab in Utah, Grand Canyon, Colorado for the mountains and Albuquerque to see my friend. These were the highlights of my solo road trip to Arizona, Colorado, […]


Since we are in the official season of summer, I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the warmer weather and longer days. Yes, longer days where I can do chores in the morning, meet up with friends for brunch at noon, then head up to Lake Sebago to launch my boat […]


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