BPD Chronicles Double Divided

Unstable Relationship. Part 3. It isn’t easy to maintain a balanced relationship if you suffer from BPD. A person with borderline personality presents with an intense fear of abandonment. As I mentioned in my last trait, “efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment,” a person with BPD may self-sabotage, walking away from relationships or friendshipsContinue reading “BPD Chronicles Double Divided”

Part 2. Divided

BPD Chronicles This is the second post describing the account of the real-life experience on the second trait/diagnostic criteria of BPD.   Identity disturbance: characterized by significant persistently unstable self-image or sense of self. Generally, a person with BPD sometimes asks the question who am I. There is a chronic inside battle of self-identity thatContinue reading “Part 2. Divided”

February Fourteen

It’s Valentine’s Day Valentine‚Äôs day is a commercial holiday that may celebrate today. Whether you’re celebrating a loved one or celebrating being love. Do not feel down on yourself if you’re not celebrating. We have been convinced that February 14 is a day to create memories, purchase gifts for the ones we love, and acceptContinue reading “February Fourteen”

The Symbolism of Color

“Black and ugly.” “Light and pretty.” As a black woman, I am interested in addressing colorism in the black community primarily out of my personal experience and professional interest. I often hear the dark and light skinned narrative, the biased based on the phenotypical appearance in black communities. I notice how these narrative has shapedContinue reading “The Symbolism of Color”